The essential purpose of volunteer mentors is to complement and enhance the services provided by employed staff within the Probation Service. Volunteer mentors provide a valuable link between Probation and the local community and help to contribute towards the personal development and successful integration of offenders within the community.

Volunteer mentors can make a significant contribution to the range and quality of work undertaken by Probation.  Cheshire Probation is committed to developing and implementing systems for the effective recruitment, training, support, management and use of volunteer mentors.

Volunteer mentors can assist Probation staff in supporting offenders in the following areas:-

  • Group work programmes
  • One-to-one compliance activity
  • Literacy and/or numeracy skills
  • Writing to prisoners
  • Visiting prisoners
  • Offer practical help and constructive advice in areas such as; housing, budget management, document/form filling, education, training and employment opportunities or leisure activities.
Volunteer mentor specification:
  • Age 18 - no upper age limit
  • Reliable
  • Have an interest in working with offenders
  • Offer approximately 2/3 hours per week of your time
  • Possess good communication skills
  • A belief in the rehabilitation element of Probation
  • Non-judgmental, friendly and encouraging

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